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Consider for a moment the company "footlocker" Please provide me with three aspects of that business that you feel should be strengthened, and what you would do to make those improvements.
If your chosen company has gone under or is on death's door, please give me three different examples of what you would have done to strengthen the company and thus avoid (or delay) its demise.
How well is the company doing compared against competitors? How are they differentiating themselves in the marketplace? Are their online marketing efforts obvious or are they still a diamond in the rough waiting to be found by customers?
After struggling to get the Wise Epicure started, I have taken my own advice and decided to hire people who can assist me in making my startup the strongest it can be.
Please select one of the following questions to answer and tell me, as my consultant, how I should position or structure my business to best make it successful. Remember, I will be in the business of selling specialty condiments online and will have a limited budget. I am expecting to grow the business over time.
What is the best approach for me to take in creating or implementing an order taking system and how do I deal with Privacy issues?
Since I will be running the business first out of my home, what would be the best way to avoid having crates and cases of condiments living with me? How can I fill orders without having to house my inventory?
I want to keep my customers satisfied. What is the best approach for a small eBusiness owner to take in providing the best customer service possible?
I want to be able to take Credit Card orders online but really don't know how to get started. Please provide me with an outline on how to get myself established as a credit card accepting vendor.
How can I prevent unauthorized access to my customer database or website? What should I do to assure my customers that my eCommerce site is safe to do business with?

Reference no: EM13104906

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