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Your job will be to develop and design an effective performance management system for a troubled 21st century international sales company. The Performance Management Project should explore the future of performance management by identifying alignment with strategic goals, best practices, training/training content, communication, legal issues, future technology, and contextual issues affecting the performance management system.

Your paper 6-8 pages should include:

a. Overview/Introduction of the Company and Industry

b. Discuss what is performance management?

c. Why it would be beneficial?

d. Discuss potential advantages/disadvantages

e. Why does an organization need to measure performance?

f. Unit level performance management

g. Organizational Priorities/Mission/Vision

h. Introduce your plan that will make changes to improve performance

i. Strategic Goals

j. Performance Management and roll out process

k. How performance will be monitored over time

Your paper should support the information you have researched to make your recommendation.

l. You can utilize benchmark information from comparable companies and how the Performance Management system improved the company's profit, morale, retention etc.

m. Information can come from the company's website, and journal peer review articles.

Reference no: EM131177455

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