How much work did the worker do on the block

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A worker pushed a 65.0-kg block 10.0 m along a level floor at a constant speed with a force directed 39.0° below the horizontal. If the coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.20, how much work did the worker do on the block?

Reference no: EM13530925

Magnitude of the electric field at the empty corner

You have three identical charged spheres, each with a charge of 4.05 µC. You have arranged them so they are each at the corners of a square that gauges 3.9m on a side. Discove

Consider the two blocks plus the earth as the system

As shown in the figure below, a light string that does not stretch changes from horizontal to vertical as it passes over the edge of a table. The string connects m1, a 3.60

What is average force on the child

A car moving at 10 m/s crashes into a barrier and stops in 0.50s. There is a 20kg child in the car. Suppose that the child's velocity is changed by the same amount as the ca

Consider a string of length

Consider a string of length 1.0 meter, fixed at both ends, with mass 100 grams and tension 100 Newtons. Give the number of nodes and antinodes set up on the string if it is dr

A ship leaves the island of guam and sails distance

A ship leaves the island of Guam and sails a distance 265km at an angle 37.0? north of west. In which direction must it now head so that its resultant displacement will be 120

What is the average net force exerted by the ball on ground

A 5.0 kg mud ball drops from rest at a height of 20 m. If the impact between the ball and the ground lasts 0.90 s, what is the average net force exerted by the ball on the

Estimate what is the change in frequency

A spaceship is approaching a space station at a speed of 1.8E5m/s. The space station has a beacon that emits green light with afrequency of 6.0E14 Hz. What is the change in

Find what average frictional force that stops the bullet

A 7.80 gram bullet moving at 540 m/s penetrates a tree trunk to a depth of 6.4 centimeter. Use work and energy considerations to calculate the average frictional force that st


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