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The time it takes to complete a Sta220 term test is normally distributed with a mean of 100 minutes with standard deviation of 14 minutes. How much time should be allowed if we wish to ensure that at least 9 out of 10 students (on average) can complete it? (round to the nearest minute)

A) 115
B) 116
C) 117
D) 118
E) 119

Reference no: EM13113613

Equal frequencies-chi-square goodness-of-fit test

Four different brands of a pain medication used for chronic back ailments were tested to see if the number of side effects for each brand were the same. The table below lis

Creation of a confidence interval

Confidence intervals, again. Several factors are involved in the creation of a confidence interval. Among them are the sample size, the level of confidence, and the margin o

Translate statements into symbolic form- human race

Translate the following statements into symbolic form using capital letters to represent affirmative English statements.- If Monsanto poisons the entire human race, then if N

Find mean lifetime of light bulbs by manufacturer differ

The mean lifetime of light bulbs made by this manufacturer differs from 55 months? Can we conclude that the mean lifetime of light bulbs made here differs from 55 months?

Probability that average for sample is between value

Assuming the distribution of the salaries is normal, what is the probability that the average for this sample is between $36,000 and $42,000?

Find the selling price of second saree

Nidhi purchased two sarees for rs.2150 each. She sold one saree at a loss of 8% and the other at a gain. If she had a gain of rs.1230 on the whole transaction, find the sellin

Find adequate evidence to mean annual wage of people

Suppose that = $7600, is there adequate evidence to conclude that mean annual wage of people from this county is signicantly dierent than state mean?

What proportion of sample would expected to favor candidate

Possible Sample Proportions Favoring a Candidate Suppose that of all voters in the United States, 40% are in favor of Candidate C for president. Pollsters take a sample of 2


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