How much power is dissipated

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An extension cord made of two wires of diameter 0.129 cm (no. 16 copper wire) and of length 2.4 m (8 ft ) is connected to an electric heater which draws 16.0 A on a 120-V line.How much power is dissipated?

Reference no: EM131030204

Describe how apparatus might be used to measure viscosity

The viscosity, µ of a liquid can be measured by determining the time, t, it takes for a sphere of diameter, d, to settle slowly through a distance, l, in a vertical cylinder

Fundamental entropy equation for ds

Starting with the differential form of the fundamental entropy equation for dS (see Eq1 below and the total differential for dU as a function of V and T. Assuming N is const

Size of the component ions

1. In ionic materials, how does the size of the component ions affect the extent of elec- tronic polarization? 2. Can a material have an index of refraction less than unity? W

Electronic components of computer are cooled by air flowing

The electronic components of a computer are cooled by air flowing through a fan mounted at the inlet of the electronic enclosure. At steady state, air enters at 18oC, 1 atm. F

Find the dimensions of the shaft and the bearing bore

A journal of basic size of 75 mm rotates in a bearing. The tolerance for both the shaft and bearing is 0.075 mm and the required allowance is 0.10 mm. Find the dimensions of

What is the value of su to be used

Of a certain soil it is known from previous studies that c = 20 kPa and φ = 30? . An undrained analysis must be made for a case in which the original vertical effective stre

Sketch the nyquist curve for this loop transfer function

Consider a system with loop transfer function: GH(s) = (s(s + 2))/(s + 1)(s2 + 1). Sketch the Nyquist curve for this loop transfer function and using the Nyquist stability c

Why aren''t accounts used in a perpetual inventory system

‘‘For each inventory costing method, perpetual and periodic systems yield the same amounts for ending inventory and cost of goods sold.'' Do you agree or disagree with this


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