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Question - Joshua saved every month R200 into an account that yields 8.5% p.a. compounded monthly as from 25 November 2001. He also deposited annually R25 000 of his 13th cheque into that account on the 25th of October 2002, the month of his birthday. It is today, September 26, 2018. How much is now in that account? Use excel and show your calculations.

Reference no: EM132185268

Represents the personal equity that the individual

Which of the following statements is/are correct? 1. Net worth represents the personal equity that the individual has in his assets and can never be less than zero. 2. If Li

Computing the break-even point in units

Shock Electronics sells portable heaters for $25 each unit, and the variable expenses to manufacture them is $17. Mr. Amps estimates that the fixed costs are $96,000.

Present value of investment

You have an investment with 10 semi-annual cash flows of $1000. The first payment is 6 months from today. If the EAR is 11%, what is the present value of this investment?

Obtain relevant information about mutual funds

Students have to find an annual report or prospectus of any existing mutual fund, and obtain the following information of that mutual fund.  Students need to turn in a

Falling values of collateral

Describe, with examples, how collateral is used to reduce loss given default and hence the risks to a bank of providing a loan. What impact do falling values of collateral s

Find effective annual rate under the line of credit

Cumberland Furniture wants to establish a prearranged borrowing contract with a local commercial bank. The bank's terms for a line of credit are 3.30 percent over the prime ra

Arbitrage opportunity according to the interest rate

(a) Is there an arbitrage opportunity according to the Interest Rate Parity based on the above information? (b) Show the strategy to capture the arbitrage profit by setting u

Calculate and clearly indicate the closing inventory value

Calculate and clearly indicate the closing inventory value as well as the gross profit made on sales at the end of the three month period for Make m Nice. Redraft the headi


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