How motivation and emotion are related to change
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Theorists have put forth many different definitions of motivation. Early theorists examined motivation in terms of need reduction, which lead to more theories about human needs. They also studied motivation as the driving force of behavior. The intensity of the need seemed to influence the strength of the motivation to satisfy that need. Some of those needs that they posit as the basis for motivating factors are emotional, some are physical, and some are cognitive. In each case, the motivational forces empower the individual to bring about change. Either internally or externally.

In this discussion, you focus on the emotional drives that relate to motivation. To prepare, consider how motivation and emotion relate to change and how knowledge of this relationship might benefit professionals working in educational settings.

Provide an explanation of how motivation and emotion are related to change. Then explain how knowledge of this relationship might benefit you as a professional working within an educational setting. Support your answer with specific examples.

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