How many chromatids will visible during metaphase of mitosis

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Q1. What would most possible be used for moving a medium-sized molecule from a low concentration on the outside of a cell to a high concentration on the inside of the cell?

Q2. An organism has a diploid chromosome number of 12. How many chromatids will be visible during metaphase of mitosis? How many chromosomes will be visible at the end of anaphase in mitosis? For the similar organism, how many chromosomes will be present, in each gamete, at the end of meiosis? How many chromosomes would be present after fertilization?

Reference no: EM137172

How epinephrine and norepinephrine affect plasma glucose

During exercise, epinephrine and norepinephrine are released from the adrenal medulla. Epinephrine and norepinephrine have the same effect on plasma glucose levels as glucag

Dna-based test for the allele of a particular gene

A scientist discovers a DNA-based test for the allele of a particular gene. This and only this allele, if homozygous, produces an effect that results in death at or about th

Which one has higher chance to produce a normal gamete

There are 2 heterzygotes: one is wild type chromosome/a chromosome with a deletion, the other one is wild type chromosome/a chromosome with inverted sequence. Which one has

Housing conditions can significantly affect public health

QUESTION 1)According to the CDC, "Housing conditions can significantly affect public health. Childhood lead poisoning, injuries, respiratory diseases such as asthma, and quali

Thearpies is that inidiopathic parkinsionism

The pathophysiologic basis for these thearpies is that inidiopathic parkinsionism, dopaminergic neurons in the substantianigra that normally inhibit the output of GABAergic

Breeding experiments on newly discovered species of unicorn

You performed breeding experiments on a newly discovered species of unicorn. the horns came in three colors: white, black and gray. A single gene controls color. When you cr

Regulation of fluids and electrolytes

Elaborate on the basic concepts involved in the regulation of fluids and electrolytes. Also, identify the hormones that play important roles in regulating fluid balance and

How does the body react to rapid weight loss

How does the body react to rapid weight loss and Which of the graphs in the figure best illustrates the activity of an enzyme as substrate concentration increases from 0 to t


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