How is it that tort law is inadequate to deal with crime

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1. Explain the following quote from Richard Epstein: " The moral case behind strict liability is that the distribution of gains and losses matters as much as the total size of the social pie."

2. How is it that tort law is inadequate to deal with crime?

3. How is it that the economic theory of crime and punishment differs from the traditional theory of criminal law? what does the economic model add?

Reference no: EM131128453

Marketing environment-explain the concept of public trust

Explain the significance and main aspects of Third Party Beneficiarie. Explain the concept of public trust. In the marketing environment, explain the rationale for mixing and

Describes performance-related pay

Why do you think merit pay has so far failed to lead to improvements in student perfromance? Merit pay is a term that describes performance-related pay, most frequently in the

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What are the roles of public relations (PR) and public affairs (PA) when your organization is undergoing a crisis situation? At what point should the organization seek legal c

Manufactures low-cost tables at a processing cost

Modern inc, manufactures low-cost tables at a processing cost of $80 per table. the company produces 100 units per day and averages 90% good quality resulting in 10% defective

Warehouse unless the in-house warehouse in filled up

M&M is a company that makes knitted sweaters. Forecasts of sales for the next year are 150 in the autumn, 400 in the winter, and 50 in the spring. Plain sweaters are purchased

What one word best describes six sigma

As we study the different quality programs this week, we should begin to gain a basic understanding of both TQM and Six Sigma. I'm going to ask you to describe each IN ONE WOR

Compute the manufacturing cost

Compute the manufacturing cost per good product for each of the three years and indicate the annual percentage increase or decrease resulting from the quality-management p

Discuss your thoughts and reactions to maslows theory

Maslow theorized that human motivation could be depicted in a Hierarchy of Needs. Higher-level needs include the need for love & belonging, recognition, self-esteem, and self-


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