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In the final week of your orientation course, you were asked to produce an assignment involving your personal goals for your chosen program. In this assignment, you will build and extend your learning by setting SMART goals and integrating self-leadership into your goal setting. According to Fowler, Blanchard, and Hawkins in Self-leadership and the One Minute Manager, a self-leader is a person who "can take the initiative to get what they need to be successful..."

Write, in 500-750 words, three relevant personal, educational, or professional goals for yourself (one each). Make sure they follow the concepts of SMART goals. Identify your developmental level for each of these goals and explain why you think you are a D1, D2, D3 or D4 for each of these goals. In crafting your response, consider the following:

What is your current skill level? What skills do you believe you will require being successful? What job requirements do you believe represent your greatest challenge?

Who will you require to help you and how will you secure their help? For example, if your program has some higher level math or statistics (e.g., accounting or finance) do you expect that you will require additional help? If so, what can you start doing now to help secure that help in advance?

Reference no: EM13816885

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