How important is proofreading

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How important is proofreading? In business how much damage can come from a lack of proofreading? As a manager how you can both become a stronger proofreader and stress the importance to your employees? Explain. Why or Why not? How?

Reference no: EM131121362

Calculate the uniform annual cost

An alternative has a discounted project cost of $5,215,000 with no salvage value. The estimate was in constant dollars and the discounting used mid-year factors. While the per

Human resource manager for service organization

Students are to assume that they are a human resource manager for a service organization. The boss would like the human resource manager to communicate to employees the value

Partner in small communications firm

As a partner in a small communications firm, you have noticed that your fellow partners and several employees have mentioned new product ideas they felt were worth pursuing, b

Post initial posting plus add a reply to a peer post

Post initial posting plus add a reply to a peer post.  Your source MUST be from a business journal (Links to an external site.) such as those mentioned below and you MUST cite

What percentage must materials cost be reduced to achieve

The sellings price is $200. The company wishes to achieve a 5% increase in total factor productivity by reducing the materials cost only ( with labor cost and other remainin

Discuss the three general directional strategies

Discuss the three general directional strategies. Which one is the most common? When (under what circumstances) would a firm choose a "stability" strategy? A retrenchment stra

Where else does the website discuss their commitment

Describe in detail how the company shared its commitment to quality on the website. For example, is Quality mentioned in the Mission Statement? Where else does the website d

Throughout its existence-decision to continue funding it

Throughout its existence, Saturn has never turned a profit for General Motors. Research the history of Saturn and GM’s decision to continue funding it (although GM has now dec


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