How has this been implemented and for what reason

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This discussion focuses on the importance of branding. As Winer (2012) suggests, if you are dissatisfied with the present position, the brand needs to be repositioned and the value proposition may need to be changed.

Topic 1:

Over the years, many famous brands have been repositioned. Some include KFC, Friendly's, Radio Shack and JC Penny. Using the online library or other scholarly resources, give several examples of brands that have been recently repositioned. How has this been implemented and for what reason?

Topic 2:

Being up to date with current events is an important part of becoming a business professional. In marketing, it is part of an important responsibility to continuously scan the external environment for opportunities and threats.

Visit the Kaplan library and select a current article (no more than one or two years old) on pricing strategies for a small to medium size business.

You can access the KU Library in the home area of the course. Be ready to critique the article and discuss what other small to medium size businesses can learn from these strategies identified.

Reference no: EM131134261

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