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I need an outline and intruduction of3-4 pages ( for a term paper 13pages with cases and & primery sources ,MLA style )that discuss some ways in which the law has changed regarding certain aspects of copyright. For example, how the development of the fair usage doctrine was beneficial for creativity in the United States. So you could find some cases regarding fair usage and how the defendant won due to their work being unique enough. In this paper I agree with fair use because it supports development. If I liked what you wrote, I'll ask for the whole paper.

It is a large topic, and you may wish to narrow a bit to one or the other of the following (or something else similar):

1. The beginning of the Fair Use doctrine. How did it develop? What are the key early cases?

2. How has the internet and digital technology changed the definition and meaning of the fair use doctrine (assuming it has)?

Reference no: EM131258450

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