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1. Critique Porter's stance about the book contract. What ethical theories underlie Porter's perspective on getting the job done?

2. Critique Shelley Turkelson's response to Porter. Discuss Shelley's motivations, and whether or not they are relevant.

3. What should the school board do? Should they ask the district attorney to open a criminal investigation on the matter? Discuss the various courses of action avail-able to the board and evaluate their potential effects on future book contracts, future lunch table discussions, and future candidate searches to fill leadership positions in the district.



1. Why do professors agree to write letters of recommendation for students? How genuine or trustworthy are recommendation letters? How important are they in the selection process?

2. Under what conditions would you agree to write a letter for someone? How honest would you be? Would you be comfortable writing an unfavorable letter of reference?

3. Are these professors risking any adverse legal or personnel action by using the gift cards? What would their supervisors say about this? Would this set a precedent or create an expectation that letter writers should be thanked in a material way?

4. Is this an appropriate way to thank someone for writing a letter on your behalf? What are the implications if a "quid pro quo" is expected in a situation like this?

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Reference no: EM13952688

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