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So how does NSI provide Service Desk support for such a large, highly demanding, organisation? Simple, it does not have one! At least not in a traditional sense of a phone number for clients to call. NSI is the ONLY institute in NSW which DOES NOT HAVE a help desk, in that there are no people on the end of a phone to vet, diagnose, log, resolve where possible and assign incidents. Yes, NSI relies solely on the client logging their own incidents via a web interface to the service desk application. The astounding thing is that this "no phone" policy has been in place for several years. The culture of self service is entrenched.

The scenarios that created this environment were vexed, the most critical were:-

CIS3008 - Information technology service management

? Our clients, mainly teachers, are on deck for many hours a day, way beyond the capacity to staff a help desk phone line for 14 hours a day.
? Access to networked PCs and therefore the web are plentiful (if yours is broken the one next door is probably OK)
? ICT Support staff are disbursed across the seven colleges. Management at the time believed it was a negative to reduce their "hands on" capacity in order to take phone calls.
? The clients? IT skills were deemed to be "mature" therefore peer support was encouraged.
? Internal restructures had forced cuts to ICT support staff therefore providing drivers for this rationalisation.
? Support organisations today face many similar business challenges as they strive to effectively service their internal and external customers, regardless of their size or industry. In the face of these challenges, customer service managers may find themselves searching for new technology to address their customer service initiatives.

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