How does managed care affect healthcare organizations
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Complete a brief management analysis of the following issues:

• How does managed care affect healthcare organizations' relationship with buyers, sellers, their community in general, and the government?

• How does managed care affect the doctor-patient relationship?


• Five to seven pages in length

• Double-spaced with one-inch margins

• Written in accordance with APA style

• Concise and well-sourced (at least five credible sources, more is better)

• Focused on a position which has been defended

• Sources of information used are provided


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How does managed care affect healthcare organisations’ relationship with buyers, sellers, their community in general and the government? 3
How does the managed health care affect the doctor-patient relationship? 5
Reference 7

According to the analysation, the caring techniques mainly reflect on the health and the delivery of a patient depending upon his/her health. There is a requirement for accessing health servicing care over a larger population to help the administrative cost to enrol mainly in specific calculations and specification on a fixed amount rate. The most preferred care is done through those individuals who are mainly involved in controlling the cost of the care which is given to the patients. There are examples according to which the practices need to seek certain cost which bring a huge impact on the quality of the organisations who are providing a better capitation fee in seeking an impact which aims to bring a stability and efficiency in the concern of ethical development.

The efficient way to fix-in the cost to seek is to make a proper servicing which is able to maintain the efficient resources according to the productivity development. The cost will penalise the efficiency with which there will be a performance based bonus programs, who will help in performing and limiting from the effect of heavy pressure from outside. Generally, it so happens that the evaluation is done depending upon the amount which could provide the organisations a lot of support to access the studies which have been evidently proved to be worthy enough to save the money. The relationship with the buyers are mainly

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