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Read the situation described in the "Picturing the World" scenario. Reflect on the question that is based on the situation described in this section.


The scatter plot shows the relationship between the number of farms (in thousands) in a state and the total value of the farms (in billions of dollars).

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Describe the correlation between these two variables in words. Use the scatter plot to predict the total value of farms in a state that has 150,000 farms.The regression line for this scatter plot is = 0.714x + 3.367. Use this equation to predict the total value in a state that has 150,000 farms (x = 150). (Assume x and y have a significant linear correlation.) How does your algebraic prediction compare with your graphical one?

In addition, respond to these questions:

1. Why does linear regression seem to be an appropriate method for prediction in this case? How does correlation relate to regression?

2. What are the similarities and differences between correlation and regression?

Post your responses to the discussion forum. Support your answers with an appropriate rationale based on the concepts covered in this week.Title: Assignment (Part 4): One- or Two-Sample Hypothesis Testing Paper


Use the ratio or interval numerical data from the data collected for your project.

1. Develop one research question from which you will formulate a research hypothesis.

2. Prepare a two to four page paper describing the results of a hypothesis test of one or two population means or population proportions.

3. In your paper:
o Formulate a numerical hypothesis statement and a verbal hypothesis statement regarding your research issue.
o Perform a hypothesis test on your data.
o Describe the results of your test and explain how the findings from this hypothesis testing may be used to answer your research question.

4. Include your raw data tables and the results of the computations of your z-test or t-test using graphical and tabular methods of displaying data and results.

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Reference no: EM13871659

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