How do you think the optimal temperature for enzymes

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How do you think the optimal temperature for enzymes found in thermophile bacteria living in hot pools differ from that of the enzymes found in your body?

Reference no: EM132280183

Type of environments make being autotrophic

Hypothesize what type of environments make being autotrophic, heterotrophic or mixotrophic an advantage to a protist. Many algae are photosynthetic like plants. Why then are t

Explain the reasons for change in the waveform

Explain the reasons for change in the waveform recorded from leads 1 and 3 if the right arm and left arm lead wires were mistakenly reversed during ECG prep procedure.

Which carcinogen was most likely in the pathogenesis

A 65 year old man who worked for 30 years in a chemical factory complains of blood in his urine. urien cytology discoles dysplstic cells. A bladder biobsy demostates transti

Consider normal skin pigmentation

Consider normal skin pigmentation (A) dominant to albino (a) and susceptibility to migraine headache (M) dominant to normal (m). The loci are autosomal. Assume that both par

Which means of transport would most likely be used

Beaker A contains 25 percent salt solution. A differentially permeable bag (permeable to water not salt) containing 50 percent salt solution is allowed to float on top of the

Describe the regulation of gastric emptying

Briefly summarize control of the motor and secretory activities of the gastrointestinal tract by the enteric nervous system and by the sympathetic and parasympathetic inerva

Discuss the physiological basis of the antenna

As you increase the pheromone intensity in the puff of air blown over the antenna, the electroantennogram increases in amplitude whereas the action potentials recorded at th

What are these three requirements

Evolution by natural selection occurs when three (3) conditions are met. What are these three requirements? Briefly explain each, and provide a hypothetical example to illus


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