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Choose 3 of the following prompts to discuss to:

Think of the organization in which you currently work - specifically, the work group or department with which you are most closely affiliated. How would you characterize this unit with respect to division of labor, span of control, and centralization?

How have advances in information technology changed the way organizations are structured and designed today?

For what types of business endeavors do you think virtual organizations are particularly well suited, and for what type do you believe they should be avoided?

Examine your own work life: consider the jobs you have held and organizations with which you have been associated. Based on your experiences, what type of organizational structure appears to suit you best? Why? Relate your own attitudes, behaviors, and values to the organizational structures described in this chapter.

Search the internet on the term "creating ethical organizations" or "positive organizational culture." Find two articles related to the topic demonstrating an organization demonstrating these concepts. Write a brief synopsis of each that explains how managers can create such an organization. Compare your findings to the suggestions given by the authors in your text. Don't forget to provide proper APA references of each.

As technology advances further in the years to come, how do you think the nature of leadership in work organizations is likely to change organizations' culture?

Reference no: EM132184067

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