How do we define an individual

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How do we define an individual? Does asexual reproduction make it difficult to define what constitutes an individual within a population? Also, how does asexual reproduction allow for evolution? Relate this to antibiotic resistance in bacteria.

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Reference no: EM131370628

Property of water explains this observation

Sascha notices that steam appears from water only when the water is very hot. What property of water explains this observation? Water has a high vapor pressure. Water is dense

What is the order of the genes in the genome

You have discovered a new species of bacteria. You are able to transfer F factor to the chromosome of this bacteria in two strains (2 different insertions). Both of these st

Offspring of the two population

Examine the two squirrel populations in the following figure. the populations are separated by a geographic barrier. if after a long period of the time the two species are n

Describe the nature of decalcified bone

Two common blisters of the integument are watery blisters, filled with a clean fluid, and blood blisters, filled with blood. Based on your knowledge of the blood supply to t

The myrtle warbler and audubon''s warbler as distinct species

Bird guides once listed the myrtle warbler and Audubon's warbler as distinct species that lived side by side in parts of their ranges. However , recent books show them as ea

Cell anatomy of the non ciliated simple columnar

Explain how the cell anatomy of the non-ciliated simple columnar epithelial lining of the small intestines cpmtributes to the overall function of the small intestines.

Explain the simultaneous origin of turner syndrome

A woman with Turner syndrome is found to be colorblind (X-linked recessive phenotype). Both her mother and her father have normal vision. a. Explain the simultaneous origin

Pounds of groceries into your home week

Suppose you bring 100 pounds of groceries into your home each week. Please estimate how many pounds of each type of waste leaves your home. Does this add up to 100 pounds?


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