How did clarks save the company by using systems thinking
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Complete the discussion.
Provide original work, with an in text citation (with reference at bottom of page). Only two paragraphs.

In 1988 Clark's Manufacturing Company sought to survive a competitive run on their business from the Japanese. They survived by using the systems thinking method. Read the following article:
Seeing Your Company as a System: http://www.strategy-business.com/article/10210?gko=20cca

•How did Clark's save the company by using systems thinking.

•Identify three to five major concepts of system thinking and then explain how when applied they worked for Clark's and its competitors.

•Evaluate the company's success and explain why you think this approach was a better fit than the more conventional theories discussed in the last weeks. If you disagree that it was a better fit explain why.

•How could Clark's have used design thinking to accomplish the same goals?

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