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Introduction of management Assessment - Written Report

Focus of report: Decision-making Report

The report has been written based on the excessive work pressure on the fire fighters. The decision making skills have been improved through providing some training to the employees.

A manager has to make and implement decisions as part of his role. As future managers in the contemporary business environment you are expected to face critical management-related issues and to make key decisions to resolve those issues in timely manner. Discuss the decision-making process from a manager's point of view using a real-world management-related example/issue.

Incorporate answers to the following questions in your report under the relevant headings:

How can you improve your decision-making skills? Why do managers make wrong decisions? How you could have made a better one? Which step of the decision-making process could you have improved?

Your task:

1. Start by identifying ONLY ONE issue, go on google (the News tab) and searching for some of these issues or key words (e.g. hiring the right staff, excessive overtime, a dominance of casual /part-time staff, sub-contracting, staff retention, organizational culture, unethical behavior, team conflicts etc.).


3. Identify any Management-related issues that have emerged from your investigation. Pick one article related to an organization and that becomes your issue and the organization you will use for your report.

4. Identify the concepts that your identified issue is related to and read the relevant course material.

5. Continue researching the key terms to find academic sources.

6. Analyze the information you have gained and summarize your findings.

7. Discuss the decision-making process and the strategies that were implemented by management during the decision-making process in your analysis.

8. Ensure that you answer all the questions in the case study.

9. Write a report using the following headings:

a. Title page - title of report, author, date, who for.

b. Executive summary - mini version of report (no more than half a page).

c. Table of contents - pages and sections numbered; should not include executive summary or title page.

d. Introduction - scope of research, research methods, analysis undertaken.

e. Body of report (your headings) - research findings, sequenced to develop understanding of findings.

f. Conclusions and recommendations - summary of analysis and solutions to issues identified.

g. Appendices - copy of questionnaire, notes, any other items considered relevant.

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The report has been written based on the excessive work pressure on the fire fighters.The decision making skills have been improved through providing some training to the employees

Reference no: EM132320530

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Word limit: 1,500 words. Subject - Introduction of management. Worth: 35% of total marks for unit. Type of assessment: individual. Submission details: upload onto Moodle, accompanied by signed cover sheet. Marking guide: 1. Research (10 marks) Quality of research undertaken, All sources identified (‘in-text' and ‘end-text'), Demonstrated understanding of the objective of the task, Provides adequate background, Identified key concepts and theories, Identified the various strategies by which the issue was managed and The depth of critical reasoning.


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2. Organization/Formatting (10 marks) Quality of analysis, Answers the questions, The report is organized logically and formatted as a report, Correct use of paragraphs and Within the word limit. 3. Conclusions (3 marks) Efficiently summarizes the main findings. 4. Recommendations (4 marks) Linked to issues, Logical and workable, Strategic and Supported by literary research. 5. Presentation (8 marks) Appropriate grammar, punctuation, spelling and grammar, Executive summary, Table of Contents, List of references, Proofread and Section headings are used to make the document readable.

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