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Question 1: Best Buy instituted a system in all of its stores that customizes their product offerings for the five key customer segments it has identified: affluent professional males, young entertainment enthusiasts, upscale suburban moms, families who are practical technology adopters, and small businesses with fewer than 20 employees. This focus implies that Best Buy is:




supply based.


Question 2: Media vehicles like People magazine and The Chicago Tribune appeal to a wide cross section of the population. In contrast, Self magazine and The Food Network have high levels of:


audience selectivity.

geographic selectivity.


market singularity.

Question 3: Joe Elias sells for Rush Beverages. He is trying to convince retailers to carry his company's Ginseng Rush, a new all-natural beverage that delivers an energy punch without caffeine. When he gets retailers to agree to stock his product, he asks them for the names of other retail operations that might be interested in carrying it. He is using _______ to get his sales leads.


cold calls


direct marketing

noncompeting sales

Question 4: How can personal selling costs be controlled?

By increasing the time that the sales force spends on personal selling.

By adjusting the size of the sales force en masse.

By offering the sales force benefits such as stock options.

By dropping and replacing the entire sales force.

By adjusting the size of the sales force in one-person increments.

Question 5: Walmart captures point-of-sale transactions from thousands of stores in several countries and continuously transmits these data to its massive data warehouse. Walmart allows more than 3,500 suppliers to access data on their products and perform data analyses. These suppliers use the data to identify customer buying patterns at the store level. They use this information to manage local store inventory and identify new merchandising opportunities. Both Walmart and its suppliers are engaged in:

information formatting.

database enhancement.

data mining.

data shading.

descriptive modeling.

Question 6: Consultative selling:

uses limited sales planning.

uses a "lone wolf" approach to selling.

sells advice, assistance, and counsel rather than products.

uses short-term follow-ups, which focus on product delivery.

emphasizes closing the sale during the sales presentation.

Question 7: Why do companies with new brands that have a small market share tend to spend proportionately more for advertising and sales promotions compared to those with a large market share for existing products?

As a result of experiential marketing research

To create the appropriate level of institutional advertising

To determine which executional appeal is the most effective

To achieve a certain minimum level of exposure to measurably affect purchase habits

To prevent product cannibalization

Question 8: Guilden Corporation has instructed its new salesperson that she is responsible for selling five display cases with infrared heating capability per week, plus calling on five current and 10 potential customers. These objectives comprise her:

promotion goal.





Question 9: The Jefferson Smurfit Company is a multi-billion-dollar supplier of packaging materials. One of its salespeople rearranged production schedules at three different plants to satisfy an unexpected demand for boxes from General Electric. The salesperson's action is typical of the company's sales philosophy and indicates an emphasis on:

consultative selling.

relationship selling.

adaptive selling.

transformational selling.

transactional selling.

Question 10: The many uses of OxiClean products are shown in a program-length television commercial. This is a(n) _________ form of advertising.


ad expander


prolonged ad

extended sales pitch

Question 11: The most popular sales incentives are ________.

cash awards


plaques and trophies

stock options

public recognition in front of family and peers

Question 12: The UPS Store's advertising "What Can Brown Do For You" whiteboard campaign tells business consumers that when it comes to getting their products delivered somewhere, UPS can help. The advertising is focusing on:

creating advertising appeal.

production implementation.

a product mission.

creating product loyalty.

a product benefit.

Question 13: M&M's famous slogan, "melts in your mouth, not in your hand," is an example of a(n):

unique selling proposition.

advertising objective.

basis for lifestyle strategy.

promotional mix.

basis for comparative advertising.

Question 14: Martina buys cola every week at the grocery store, but she always buys whatever is on sale. Coca Cola, Pepsi, RC Cola--it doesn't matter to her. She is happy with whatever costs the least. Martina would be characterized as a:

loyal customer.

competitor's customer.

price buyer.

cherry picker.


Question 15: Cranium, the Seattle-based toy company, has recently introduced Giggle Gear, a toy designed to let kids' imagination run wild. With the face and headpieces that make up Giggle Gear, kids can change themselves into aliens, fairies, bugs and robots. What type of advertising will this company be using to promote this new toy?






Question 16: Exxon Mobil has launched a series of ads promoting its commitment to alternative energy sources during a time when the company is recording record profits while consumers struggle with high gas prices and environmentalists are concerned that burning fossil fuels is contributing to the acceleration of global warming. This is an example of ________ advertising.






Question 17: Lopez is the largest Hispanic-owned meat processor in the United States. To assist retailers in marketing its products, Lopez provides point-of-sale materials and offers special introductory discounts to retailers. Lopez uses:

functional marketing.

relationship selling.

consumer promotions.

startup marketing.

trade promotions.

Question 18: Danita is in charge of new business development for her advertising agency. She recently made a sales presentation to the administration of Northwest Medical System to discuss the creative approaches her agency would use to differentiate Northwest Medical from its competition. Danita ended the presentation by asking, "When would you like our firm to begin working on your new brand awareness campaign?" In which stage of the selling process would such a question most likely be asked?

Closing the sale


Dealing with cognitive dissonance

Handling the objection

Qualifying the prospect

Question 19: The biggest category of sponsorships involves __________, which accounts for almost 68 percent of spending in sponsorships.


arts and festivals

political causes



Question 20: Boeing is one of the largest aircraft manufacturers in the world. The company sells aircrafts to airlines around the world, such as Delta, China Air, and AirFrance. You would expect Boeing to rely on ________ to promote its airplanes.


advertising and sales promotion

sales promotion

personal selling

product innovations and direct marketing.

Reference no: EM13746651

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