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Dessler, G. (2017). Human Resource Management, 5th Ed. Pearson Education, New York.

Chapter 9 and 12

8- Substantive post- 75-100 words each

Discussion 1

1. Discuss the pros and cons of using competencies when reviewing performance.

2. Team there is viable and objective rationale for using competences when evaluating employees. Dessler (2017) states that a true performance management system consist of

a. setting work standards

b. assessing the employee's actual performance relative to those standards

c. providing feedback to the employee with the aim of helping them to eliminate performance deficiencies or to continue to perform above par

When leaders use these standards to more effectively evaluate staff and provide the relative feedback, most employees aspire to increased performance and commitment to the job, which is what leaders want. My experience has proven exactly this, as I empower staff and compel them to lead and make decisions. What are your thoughts?

3. Employees often complain that raises and reviews are based on intangibles and not applied consistently. By tying reviews to compensation, performance clearly becomes the determining factor in compensation. It attracts top talent. With performance reviews tied directly to compensation, many employers find it improves the efficiency of integrating pay increase information into their payroll systems and generating follow-on reports. When compensation isn't tied to the review process, HR or payroll staff members often have to take special steps to manually enter increases into the payroll system.

In order for pay for performance to work effectively, employees must be rated in some way but the rating must be objective and evenly applied. For these companies, pay for performance can actually be counter-productive and introduce an air of unhealthy competition among employees who need to collaborate. Under pay for performance, a manager needs to be crystal clear in communicating precisely what is driving compensation. When a salary discussion comes on the heels of a performance review, it can be difficult for the employee to focus on the feedback their being given. Helpful critiques (both positive and negative) and guidance are eclipsed by the amount or lack of pay increase. Respond?

Discussion 2

1. Discuss the SHRM competency model of Knowledge + Behavior = Success. How can leaders use the model in the workplace effectively?

2. SHRM's overall competency model is aligned to fit any organization. What the SHRM organization has done is studied some of the key pain points that leaders face and have addressed them in a real-time perspective that compels change. The Knowledge + Behavior = Success formula simply suggest that, if leaders provide quality learning, coaching, and feedback that 'most' employees will do their best to meet standards of performance.

The next thing to monitor is based on providing the aforementioned, is to assess the behavior change. Is the employee responding positively, negatively, middle of the road, and is he or she engaged or disengaged? As a leader, these are the tough follow-up questions and levels of observation that you have to be committed to in order to help employees achieve.

Only then can a leader state that success is apparent of eminent. Leaders have to take performance management seriously also, because ideally, the leader is being evaluated also. The leaders is responsible for the development of his or her staff. Respond?

3. Professionals can use the model for their own professional development to identify strengths as well as areas needed for growth, progression toward proficiency in each competency, and readiness for the next stage of their HR career. HR professionals can use the model and its components in the planning and design of their HR departments.

The model is built to easily align with existing organizational strategies and can be used to identify areas of strategic importance in the HR function. HR departments can also use the model to identify HR competency strengths and gaps from which staffing, performance management, and training and development plans and processes can be established. The model can be used to design professional development activities for HR teams as well.

To clarify and communicate to others in their organization what HR does and how it aligns with the culture and other business processes in the organization. HR leaders can gain feedback from others in the organization about how well their HR department is doing across each of the competencies. This information can be invaluable to improving HR department effectiveness and showing the importance to other organizational leaders that HR sees performance accountability as critical to business success. Respond?

Discussion 3

Provide citation and reference to the material(s) you discuss.

Describe what you found interesting regarding this topic, and why.

Describe how you will apply that learning in your daily life, including your work life.

Describe what may be unclear to you, and what you would like to learn.

Reference no: EM132279714

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