How can i support https in a servlet

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1) What is SSL? 2) How can I support HTTPS (SSL) in a servlet? 3) How can I download a file (for instance, a Microsoft Word document) from a server using a servlet and an applet?

Reference no: EM13860966

Text file containing the data

This program should begin by asking the user for the name of a text file containing the data. Then read the data which will be a line containing the dimensions of a 2 dimens

Problem related to java programming

Question 1: Explain why NO_EXIT has been declared and used in defining the contents of the map array, rather than just directly using the value 99999 in the map array defini

Write program that uses a class named rectangle

Write program that uses a class named Rectangle. The class has floating point attributes length and width. it has member functions that calculate the perimeter and area of t

Write a complete java program called parser

Write a complete Java program called Parser that gets a comma-delimited String of integers  (eg "4,8,16,32,...") from the user at the command line and then converts the String

Design and implement a randomqueue

Design and implement a RandomQueue. This is an implementation of the Queue interface in which the remove() operation removes an element that is chosen uniformly at random am

Eclipse or netbeans environments

As recommendation, you can try to use Eclipse or NetBeans environments that are used also for other courses as: Introduction in Java programming and Intermediate programming.

Prepare an application that uses an array

Write an application that uses an Array to store 10 messages of type String. You will store this Array with 10 messages of your choosing. For example, a message could be "I

Design an abstract class named bankaccount

Design an abstract class named BankAccount to hold the following data for a bank account: -Balance -Number of deposits this month -Number of withdrawals -Annual interest rat


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