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For your initial post, you will consider the skills and information we've covered in the class and draft a letter addressed to fellow students with your same major, explaining the importance of effective writing across multiple platforms and modalities (from emails to essays, blog posts to tweets) for your chosen profession or field.

Your letter will address three primary topics, each with a dedicated section, and should include examples and details for each section that address the unique audience and purposes for each scenario:

1. How can developing and using effective writing skills further your educational and academic goals?
2. How can developing and using effective writing skills advance your professional and career goals?
3. How can developing and using effective writing skills enrich your personal life?

Finally, your post must follow a formal letter format, using this template. Please copy and paste your letter directly; do not post as an attachment.

Peer Responses:

Respond to 2 classmates. In your responses to your classmates, remember to be constructive and polite when you continue the conversation. Use these questions to assist you with your responses:

1. What about their vision of how writing is important seems useful or interesting?
2. Which scenarios/situations seem most relevant to you?
3. Which modality is the most important to master?

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