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Please, I want you guys to help me to do this assignment.

You will write an 800 word essay in current APA format that focuses on how biblical concepts are related to the fields of accounting and finance. The essay must incorporate a thoughtful analysis (considering assumptions, analyzing implications, comparing/contrasting concepts) of accounting, finance, and Christian faith.

The paper must include at least 4 peer-reviewed references in addition to the Bible.

The essay must be submitted to SafeAssign(plagiarism detector)in my school. please, I want this assignment to have three sections of introduction, the body and conclusion.


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Accounting and financial management are not new concepts. Modern accounting can be traced to Pacioli from 15th century. However there are several fundamental concepts of modern accounting practice that can be traced back to the times of Bible. Bible has several accounting and financial issues incorporated in, typical issues such as financial accounting, internal controls, management accounting are there during the bible times ad Christian thought do have reference to these ideologies at several times in bible text.

Similarities and Differences between the biblical times and the present day accounting practices:
Evidence to the accounting practices in bible and comparison with the present day accounting and financial practices:
As per Biblical versions of 2 kings 22:7, there were statements “No accounts were kept with the men to whom the money was paid over to be spent on workmen since they were honest in their dealings”.

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