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As the new manager of a convenience store, you have noticed issues with the manual method of tracking sales using paper sales tickets and spreadsheets, as well as, shortages on some of the more popular items carried in the store.

Present your case for upgrading to a database driven solution for tracking sales and inventory to the store owners. They are concerned about the cost and want to know what this upgrade would entail.

Include the following:

• How a system could improve efficiency
• How a system could improve accuracy
• How sales of individual items would be entered
• How the database would store the data compared to the current spreadsheet method
• How monitoring of inventory levels based on sales using the database would work

Choose one of the following presentation deliverables:

• An 8- to 10-narrated slide presentation, with appropriate graphics
• A written business proposal (approximately two pages)
• Another deliverable approved by your faculty member.

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