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You are preparing to buy a car that costs $36,000. You can pay for the car using an auto loan from the car manufacturer or using money from your home equity line of credit (HELOC). The auto loan charges 2.75% interest per annum. The HELOC charges 3.85% interest per annum but the interest is tax deductible. If your current tax rate is 32%, which source of funds should you use?

Reference no: EM13839159

Bubba''s materials handling equipment isa small corporation

Bubba's Materials Handling Equipment isa small corporation that employs between 38 and 55 employees throughout any givenyear. This firm manufactures materials handling equipme

Osha''s personal protectiveequipment standard

OSHA's Personal ProtectiveEquipment Standard requires employers to assess the workplace to determine ifhazards are present that necessitate the use of PPE. Based on the assess

Discuss the use of pert/cpm techniques

Question: Discuss the use of PERT/CPM techniques for managing projects. Describe what PERT/CPM does. Discuss advantages and disadvantages of using it. What other techniques mi

What rate of return must you earn on

Imagine than your goal is to retire 34 years from today with $1,000,000 in savings .Assuming you currently have $ 5,000 in savings, what rate of return must you earn on that s

Based on a market survey

The hotel management was in alignment with the consultant's thinking and changed the type of control chart to X-bar chart. The process was monitored using it and found to be s

A fastfood joint offers a home delivery

A fastfood joint offers a home delivery with a promise of 20 minute window for delivery. On a particular day there was considerable delay in delivery on account of heavy traff

Briefly explain what is meant by smart goals

Briefly explain what is meant by SMART goals (specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and able to be tracked in time. Goals should also contain stretch components. What do

Identify that will affect your negotiation options

How would you assess whether or not you should negotiate? Identify the factors you would consider and the overall rule you would apply and what factors can you readily ident


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