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1. Chobani has instituted a high-touch model that focuses on positive interactions with its customers, including handwritten personal notes of thanks from its consumer loyalty team. Developing long-term loyalty in its customers is a critical task in _________ marketing through which all parties enjoy long-term benefits.






2. The 3.5 ounce snack line, Chobani bite was developed for adult consumers as a “mindful indulgence” while the Chobani Champions cups and tubes were developed for children. Adult consumers and child consumers are two distinct ___________, for whom Chobani developed different marketing mixes.

organizational buyers

target markets

economic treatments

marketing mixes

environmental forces

3. Hamdi Ulukaya’s commitment to donate 10 percent of his profits to charities worldwide reflects his belief that business can do good in the world. This commitment shows how Chobani embraces the _______, satisfying the needs of consumers in a way that also provides for society’s well-being.

customer experience

breadth of marketing

depth of marketing

profit-driven marketing concept

societal marketing concept

Reference no: EM131272063

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