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Here is a typical situation for an entrepreneur: You are planning to open a coffee shop in one of two areas in your local community. Conduct a secondary data search on key variables that would allow you to make a logical decision on what area is best suited for your proposed coffee shop. What external sources of information would you use to find this information?

Identify 2 key variables and 2 external sources.

Please answer this question in detail. 

Reference no: EM132279965

How would you address the disadvantage of partnership

The first section of the chapter reviews the most important issues an entrepreneur should consider in choosing a form of ownership. Based on your personal preferences and your

Dominant cultural values of firm you interpret from case

Angela was recently hired for an accounting job with a private manufacturing company, which specialized in lawnmowers and supplied them to farm stores around the country. Was

Sigmund freud talked about the unconscious mind

Sigmund Freud talked about the unconscious mind, where nasty thoughts, feelings and impulses are shoved by the mind to protect the person from knowing about them. This reduced

About the creative abrasion

"Creative Abrasion" in prior discussion boards. Diversity in creative teams seems to be a consistent message. In spite of this many of us tend to gravitate towards people we a

How should those options affect party negotiation strategy

You are under contract with your current employer for one year at a time. You have been offered a renewal contract that will commence three months from now; however, by the te

Determine the safety stock and reorder point

A retailer buys a certain item from a distant supplier. Lead time (L) is normally distributed with a mean of thirty days (μ = 30) and a standard deviation of fourteen days (σ

Marginal cost of producing another phone is relatively low

Long-run competition. Much of the cost of a new smart phone is in the research and development and in building manufacturing facilities. By contrast, the marginal cost of prod

Costa rican rain forest

For this assignment you are to critically assess Merck's deal with INBio. Was it ethically justifiable? Why or why not? Who, if anyone, owns the many species found in nature?


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