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A Portfolio of Sample Work

Include at minimum five (5) of your best pieces of work that you completed in the Master of Science in Health Informatics Administration program. Be sure to include assignments that are direct examples of what you are expected to deliver on the job. For example, include an assignment in which you created a sample policy or procedure or an assignment that required for you to design a training program etc.

Career Goals

Provide a three (3) short-term and three (3) long-term career goals

A List of Professional References

Share a list that contains three (3) to five (5) professional references. This may include a current or former employer, co-worker or mentor etc. For each reference, provide the name, title, email address, contact number, your relationship to the professional reference and the years of acquaintance.

Reference no: EM132183917

Procedures that promote ethical behavior

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Balanced scorecard approach

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