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1) One way to defeating tiny fragment attack against the ?rewalls includes en-forcing a minimum length of transport header which should be contained within the ?rst fragment of an IP packet. If ?rst fragment is rejected, all the susequent fragments can be rejected. Though, the nature of IP is such that fragments can arrive out of order. However, an intermediate fragment may pass through ?lter before initial fragment is rejected. Describe how this situation can be handled? Answer should to be of at least 300 words.

Reference no: EM1310473

Estimating the average memory access time

Every data reference which misses in L1 has the 60% chance of hitting in L2. A miss in L1 followed by the hit in L2 has a latency of 10 cycles. Explain the average memory ac

What processes and properties would you include

Visual Basic.NET allows you to create your own classes. Provide an instance of a useful class you could create. What methods and properties would you include? Show an example

Unix and window trace route

Compare and contrast some of the differences between the UNIX (and Linux) and the Window Trace route. All codes for each ICMP error message are not fully listed and describe

Create a logical data model that represents the file

You have been given a file that contains fields relating to CD information. Using the steps of normalization, create a logical data model that represents this file in third

Define mitigation strategies to enable business continuity

It is estimated that three out of five businesses that experience downtime of 48 hours or more will be out of business within 3 years. Creating a technology risk mitigation

Three different organizations'' e-business models

How do these organizations' business models affect way they market themselves? How does the target market learn about or find this site (e.g., search engines, referral sites

How to use control flow to track membership

Using the Internet and other resources, discuss and study "control flow" in programming. How would you use control flow in computer programming to solve problems? Give an ex

Which enables organization to customize its business process

Which of the following enables an organization to customize and integrate its business processes? When a product reaches the growth stage in its life cycle, corporate strategy


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