Graph of aggregate demand and aggregate supply

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Assume the United States economy is currently operating at full employment

A. Draw a correctly labeled graph of aggregate demand and aggregate supply and show each of the following.

I Long run Aggregate supply curve.

ii Current output and price level labelled Y1 and Y2 respectively.

B. Now assume the US governement institutes a new tariff on imported goods. On the graph drawn in part a show the effect of this new fiscal policy. label the new equilibrium output and price levels y2 and PL2 respectively.

C. Explain the short run effects of this policy on GDP equilibrium.

Reference no: EM131310232

Research and present the leading opinions and comment on the

PowerPoint presentation that examines a business issue of your choosing that has ethical implications.  For example, research the arguments (both for and against) regarding ad

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Break-even analysis.This is the point in which revenue (or savings) from the program equals the cost of the program-the time the company has "broken even" on the cost of the

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The Given two principles are the most important to follow when managing change, Thought procedure and relationship dynamics are fundamental if change is to be successful.

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Material cost to produce the devices is 40% of their prices. The company utilized ten workers who can produce an average of 30 and 50 devices of 1st and 2nd types per day.

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