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In the article, "Getting to the Bottom of Triple Bottom Line," Wayne Norman and Chris MacDonald explore the concept of the Triple Bottom Line pattern (3BL). The idea behind the 3BL is that a corporation's "ultimate success or health can and should be measured not just by the traditional financial bottom line, but also by its social/ethical and environmental performance" (Norman & MacDonald, 2003). When a company can handle, and meet their goals by performing in each of the three aspects, they are unstoppable. However, when a decision needs to be made that will test which aspect is of greater significance then it may pose an ethical problem.

In my project, I would like to use the following example:

A successful small company manager has grown his business exponentially. Because of his growth, he needs to find a bigger supplier. However, an ethical dilemma arises when he is asked to chose between three unique suppliers for his business. Each of these suppliers will increase the company either financially, socially or environmentally. In order to make the right decisions, the Utilitarian Theory will be utilized as a guideline to choosing the best supplier.

The following are the three suppliers:

  • Overseas supplier- This company in China is offering a cost 25% less than previous the supplier. Your company has always prided themselves in being 100% US made. (Financial factor)
  • Local supplier- This neighbor company is offering the same price as previous supplier but promises to advertise the company using their marketing channels as well. (Social factor)
  • Out of state supplier- This supplier offers products that are eco-friendly which will allow you to market your company as a "green" company. However, there is an increase in cost. (Environmental factor)

Subsequently, using what Utilitarianism dictates we begin to break up the Theory of Value and Right Action. The question of what produces maximum happiness and value will serve as the guideline for the company manager's decision. In a 2-3 page paper, explain what supplier should be used according to the utilitarian theory.

Reference no: EM131296996

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