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Comment on the following sampling designs:

a) A citizens' group interested in generating public and financial support for a new university basketball arena has published a questionnaire in area newspaper. Readers return the questionnaire by mail.

b) A departmental store that wishes to examine whether it is losing or gaining customers draws a sample from its list of credit cardholders by selecting every tenth name.

Reference no: EM13995207

Probability one of three audited had charitable deduction

What is the probability exactly one of the three audited had a charitable deduction of more than $1,000? What is the probability at least one of the audited returns had a char

Geometric distribution-probability of success

Let X1,..., Xn be a random sample of size n from the geometric distribution for which p is the probability of success. (a) Use the method of moments to ?nd a point esti

Problem regarding the worldwide survey

In Chapter 4, Exercise 27, we learned that GfK Roper surveyed people worldwide asking them "how important is acquiring wealth to you." Of 1535 respondents in India, 1168 sai

Compute the correlation between wins and salary

Use linear regression analysis to compute the correlation between Wins and Salary. List the regression equation, and all associated regression output. At the .05 and .01 lev

Find value of c weight of randomly selected bag

Normally distributed with a mean of 48.06 pounds and a standard deviation of 3.57 pounds. Let X represent the weight of a randomly selected bag. For what value of c is P(E(X

Compute probability that stations detecting enemy plane

There are 3 radar stations and the probability of a single radar station detecting an enemy plane is 0.65. What is the probability of 2 stations detecting an enemy plane? Ro

For the maine accident data modeled

For the Maine accident data modeled in Section 7.3.2: a. Verify that logistic model (7.9) follows from loglinear model (GLS, GI, LI, IS). b. Show that the conditional log od

Show an experimental design using an orthogonal array

Factor C has four levels, and each of the other four factors has two levels. Show an experimental design, using an orthogonal array, that could estimate the factor effects.


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