French invasion and occupation of egypt in 1798
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1. What was the intention behind the French invasion and occupation of Egypt in 1798?

A The French wanted to establish a base in North Africa for further colonization of the Middle East and central Africa

B The Directory wanted to strike a blow at British trade by cutting off Great Britain's route to India

C Napoleon Bonaparte wanted to follow in the footsteps of his Roman hero Marc Antony by invading and colonizing Egypt

D The French wanted to find and import ancient Egyptian artifacts to fill their museums and galleries

2. What reforms did the revolution of 1830 achieve in France?

A The king extended political liberties and doubled the number of voting men, though that number remained miniscule, and the king's reforms did little to improve the situation of the poor and working classes

B The revolt forced the monarchy to agree to a constitution and the sharing of powers as well as the extension of suffrage to all men over the age of thirty

C The monarchy was once again abolished, and universal suffrage was extended to both men and women, as new elections were called to restore the French legislature

D The revolution's reforms were primarily economic and included the right to organize worker's unions and strike against unjust working conditions

3. German states reacted to the French Revolution with an artistic and intellectual revival that was linked to

A Enthusiasm for the French Cult of the Supreme Being

B A flood of French pamphlets intended to bring the Germans over to the French side

C Anti-French nationalism stirred by distrust of France's advancing armies

D Reforms enacted by the Holy Roman Emperor to placate those who were attracted to the French revolutionary model

4. What was the cause of France's fiscal crisis in the late 1780s?

A Financial losses due to bad investments in international trade

B Dwindling cash reserves due to several years of bad harvests and a rapidly growing population

C Severe corruption at both the local and national levels, as aristocrats charged with tax collection skimmed funds from the coffers

D A mounting deficit stemming from France's support of the Americas in the American War of Independence and compounded by its inadequate tax system

5. The deputies of the Third Estate, one of the three estates that made up the Estates General, represented which segment of France's population?

A The clergy

B The nobility

C The military

D Peasants and the urban middle and lower classes

6. Which of the following ideologies argued for the restoration of social and religious hierarchies in the years after the Napoleonic wars?

A Socialism

B Conservatism

C Liberalism

D Utilitarianism

7. How did Emperor Joseph II's Enlightenment-inspired reforms ignite the Belgian independence movement?

A Belgians were so motivated by Joseph's Enlightenment ideals that they pushed for more direct participation in their own government, and eventually for independence

B Joseph's reorganization of the government eliminated offices belonging to nobles and lawyers, and his anti-Catholic measures offended the Catholic population, galvanizing resistance

C Since Joseph had little interest in governing Belgium, his reforms were designed to make the territory self-governing and stir up support for independence

D Belgium had a strongly Catholic population that had little interest in the Enlightenment and wanted to get rid of any regime that had anything to do with the movement

8. Why were Louis XVI and Marie-Antoinette so unpopular, despite the king's seeming eagerness to promote reform?

A They were extremely devout Catholics and seemed to be under the direct control of the papacy

B They meddled too much in government affairs, when people thought they should stay out of that which they did not understand

C They lived extravagantly and appeared indifferent to the misery of the people or the problems of the government

D They traveled abroad constantly and were never in France to deal with the problems the country faced

9. The most successful antirepublican and counterrevolutionary revolt took place in which French region?

A The Vendée

B The Basses-Pyrénées

C Seine-et-Marne

D The Gironde

10. Why did Charlotte Corday assassinate Jean-Paul Marat in July 1793?

A She believed that his death would rid the Revolution of an obstructionist who had opposed radical reform

B She believed that she was carrying out the will of God by punishing Marat for his plans to de-Christianize France

C She believed that she was avenging innocent Girondins who had been executed because Marat had called for their heads

D She believed that Marat had engineered the arrest and execution of Georges-Jacques Danton and his followers

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