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Franchise to operate the Trailways Bus Station in Silver Spring, Maryland from September 1, 1983 through July 20, 1987.  This was located across from what is now City Place where the Chik Fila is located now. There was a Franchise Agreement.  Terms included that the Franchisor was to give 30 days notice prior to the termination of the Franchise Agreement. On July 14, 1987 Greyhound and Trailways merged.  On July 20, 1987 two managers from what was Trailways and two from Greyhound came to the Silver Spring station.  I was advised that the Franchise was being terminated immediately.  By the end of the morning, these individuals threatened to do mean and nasty things to my bodys, ordered that the utilities be turned off and routed all the busses to the Greyhound station at Fenton and Sligo Avenue up the street.  I was operating a Ryder Truck Dealership, a courier company called Executive Express, a parking lot with contracts with customers, bus service with Eyre Trailways, an independent company and Goldline another independent company.  When the utilities were cut so where the telephone lines and therefore there was no telephones for the various undertakings.  The new Greyhound/Trailways entity called Eyre Trailways and Goldline to tell them to go to the other station.  What did I do?  What do you think the outcome of this case was?

Reference no: EM13895042

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