Formulate a linear programming model to maximize profit

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A small candy shop is preparing for the holiday season. The owner must decide how many bags of deluxe and how many bags of standard mix of Peanut/Raisin Delight to put up. The deluxe mix has 2/3 pound raisins and 1/3 pound peanuts, and the standard mix has 1/2 pound raisin and 1/2 pound peanuts per bag. The shop has 90 pounds of raisin and 60 pounds of peanuts to work with. Peanuts cost $0.60 per pound and raisins cost $1.5 per pound. The deluxe mix will sell for $2.90 per pound and the standard will sell for $2.25 per pound. The owner estimates that no more than 110 bags of one type can be sold.

a. Formulate a linear programming model to maximize profit.

b. Solve the model using Excel Solver.

Reference no: EM13994078

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