Foreign trade and foreign direct investment

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1. Discuss how any company can become an MNC. What are some of the options available to companies that allow them to use international markets and locations competitively?

2. Discuss some reasons why reductions in world trade barriers are driving the world toward a global economy.

3. Consider how wars, terrorist acts, SARS, etc., might alter the progression of globalization. What should a multinational manager do to deal with these situations?

4. Discuss the differences between foreign trade and foreign direct investment.

Reference no: EM132184851

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Suppose Shortest Processing Time (STP) rule is being used in a dynamic scheduling problem. There are four jobs A,B,C,D ready to be processed at present time. The processing ti

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USC is a strategy consulting firm that divides its consultants into three classes: Associates, Managers, and Partners. The firm has been stable in size for the last 20 years.


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