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Explore project planning tools, focusing on the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and Gantt chart.

The first tool you will use is the Work Breakdown Structure (WBS). A WBS is a chart that breaks a project down into smaller components. It also highlights project tasks and illustrates how those tasks relate to each other, and to the project as a whole. A WBS can help a project manager predict situations and outcomes, provide a clear hierarchy of the work that needs to be accomplished, identify milestones, simplify cost estimation and allow better decision making. To create a WBS, a project manager analyses the project objectives, and then creates the tasks required to meet each objective. Tasks can be broken down into subtasks, or even broken down further until a specific resource can be identified.

The second project planning tool you will use is the Gantt chart. The Gantt chart is a bar chart that is named after its creator, Henry Gantt. Gantt focuses on the schedule of a project. It includes start and estimated finish dates, and can follow a monthly, weekly or even daily timeline. A Gantt chart is beneficial in applying a schedule to smaller projects, but can often become cumbersome with larger projects that have numerous activities. In order to create a Gantt chart, a WBS must be created first so that activities can be clearly defined.

To prepare for this Assignment:

• Reflect on your readings for this unit and familiarize yourself with the project planning tools explored.

• Pay specific attention to the Work Breakdown Structure and Gantt chart from your Resources.

• Review your scenario. Begin to conceptualize which project planning tools you would use for your scenario.


B. Opening a New Hotel

You are part of an exclusive hotel group that has a strong reputation for boutique luxury hotels in the capital city. Having recently disposed of a successful hotel in the capital, the directors wish to reinvest the funds by branching out to another large city within reasonable travelling distance of the capital city. Your team is responsible for the acquisition, refurbishment and opening of the new hotel. You have to acquire a suitable building, plan the capacity, services, décor and branding to launch the new hotel. It need not be an existing hotel, but has to have the potential for between 25 and 40 up-market rooms and suites in an area that assures a high level of occupancy.

To complete this Individual Assignment:

• Identify and briefly describe the project planning tools you would use for your scenario, explaining why you would use each one. Be specific and use examples to support your answer.

• Perform a Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) and Gantt analysis for the project in your scenario.

• Create two Microsoft PowerPoint slides, one titled, ‘Work Breakdown Structure', and the other titled, ‘Gantt Analysis', and include information from the WBS and Gantt analysis you performed.


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Most of organizations are using the project management tools for starting new business or implementing new strategies. Project management tools are highly helpful for improving the operational performance of the companies. The tools such as, Gantt chart and work breakdown structure are helps the managers for achieving the organizational goals and objectives. While analyzing the present situation we can able to understand that, the directors of the company interested to start a new hotel, so we has to focus on the aspects such as:

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