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Can you provide the following Discuss the problems you encountered (or, perhaps, are still encountering) while completing the Case exercise.

Would you expect to encounter the same problems if you were drawing a flowchart of a "real-world" process? Why or why not? Explain in the context of an actual process with which you are familiar.

List some feature of a process that may make it difficult to depict using a flowchart.

Here are two:

A flowchart depicts a sequential series of processes. There's no good way to show simultaneous processes.

A flowchart has a start point and an end point. When describing a real process, those points may be arbitrary. There are more. What are they?


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There was a list of problems encountered while completing case exercise. Some of the problems include-

From the given case assignment there were sentences which indicates the seller wants to sell his house by choosing different options like based on self consideration and other is based on by hiring an agent.

In order to present this in a flowchart had several issues in mind and took measures and time in building flowchart which showed the output is easily understandable to the individual who reads it.

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