Fixed cost can be modeled by using binary integer variable

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State University must purchase 1700 computers from three vendors. Vendor 1 charges $500 per computer plus a total delivery charge of $5,000. Vendor 2 charges $350 per computer plus a total delivery charge of $4,000. Vendor 3 charges $250 per computer plus a total delivery charge of $6,000. Vendor 1 will sell the university at most +600 computers, vendor 2, at most 1100, and vendor 3, at most 700. The minimum order from a vendor is 200 computers. Determine how to minimize the cost of purchasing the needed computers. Each vendor must supply at least the minimum only if that vendor is used. Hence delivery charges are incurred only for those vendors used. Hint - A fixed cost can be modeled by using a binary integer variable - Solved using excel

Reference no: EM13962098

What is the probability that you will make money using

Demand for cords of wood can be modeled by using a Normal Distribution with a Mean of 2560 units and a Standard Deviation of 60 units. What is the Probability that you will

Safety stock and expected annual shortage cost

X Camera stocks two items in its warehouse which it purchases from an outside supplier. Demand for the two items are independent; the inventory carrying percentage is 20% and

Social security and unemployment insurance

Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining tenth edition by Carrell and Heavrin Social security, unemployment insurance, and workers’ compensation are employee benefits require

Explain why should cdc software business implement a ppm

Your boss has informed you that CDC Software Business knows nothing about PPM and you will need to cover items below in your presentation. Explain why should CDC Software Bus

Considering three advertising media possibilities

The advertising director a large retail store in Columbus, Ohio, is considering three advertising media possibilities: (1) ads in the Sunday Columbus Dispatch newspaper, (2) a

Less effective as change manager if you dropped below radar

How would you describe your role as a change manager using the terms introduced in this chapter: champion, soul-of-fire, quiet leader, positive deviant, disruptive innovator?

Manufactures decorative lighting fixtures sold primarily

Light co, Inc. manufactures decorative lighting fixtures sold primarily in the eastern United States. Light co wants to expand to the Midwest and Southern United States and in

What are the Cp and Cpk values for this process

The specification for the ebony handle of a walking stick calls for a length of 6.0 inches ± .2 inches. The standard deviation of the process is estimated to be 0.05 inches. W


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