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If you do not see a book that fits your overall interests, please advise me immediately so that we can secure a book that will do so. This is not an exclusive list! Prepare a cogent review that includes arguments in support of or against the theories and positions take by the author(s). Would you or would you not recommend this book to your fellow students; why?

Reference no: EM13131398

Pregnancy discrimination act of 1978

In the event that a woman learns she is in the early stages of her pregnancy (not yet showing) , is she required to disclose to her potential employer that she is pregnant?

Which of the options would you recommend why

Which of the options would you recommend? Why? Assume you are Joanne Poe. Prepare a list of all the options available to Foley, and give the advantages and disadvantages of e

Explain the different types of permissions

1). Please explain the Standard file permissions in the Linux. And also explain the different types of permissions. (Elaborate your Answers with examples and also run comma

Problem regarding the conic sections

In this discussion, please answer the following question and post your response to the discussion board. Please keep in mind, in order to remain eligible for full credit in

Management of information systems

Write your position (3 to 4 paragraphs) about Who Controls the Internet based on Dr. Wu's actions related to what he called for a Carterfone rule for mobile phone service pr

Post a list of the characteristics of the executive leader

Develop and post a list of the characteristics of the executive leader that distinguish a leader from a manager. Explain the reasoning for selecting the chosen leader and for

Illustrate what are the different cost factors

illustrate what are the different cost factors which need to be taken into consideration when looking at the total cost for effectively delivering a target level of consumer

Launching of the new deal

Leaders are shaped by the people they lead and the social context in which they lead. Using the following examples: Woodrow Wilson in the WWI, FDR and the Launching of the N


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