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A printer is making a poster that will have a TOTAL AREA of 200 square inches and will have 1 inch margins on both sides, a 2 inch margin on the top and a 1.5 inch margin on the bottom. What dimensions will give the largest printed area? Or, what is the area of the printed region inside the margins?

Reference no: EM13127926

General purpose of tqm tools and techniques

Describe the general purpose of TQM tools and techniques. On a separate page for each tool and technique, present the name of the tool, a short description of the tool, and t

Does the ball clear the fence

Denote the ball trajectory, r(t) = hx(t), y(t)i, wth respect to time, t. Assuming that t = 0 corresponds to the instant when the ball leaves the bat, what are x(t) and y(t)?

Find the absolute maximum and absolute minimum values

Find the absolute maximum and absolute minimum values of z on D where z = f(x, y) = 2x3 + y4 and D = {(x, y)|x2 + y2  ≤ 1}. D is the boundary and interior of the unit circle.

Portion of the money in a bank certificate

A mother wants to invest $9,000 for her son's future education. She invests a portion of the money in a bank certificate of deposit (CD account) which earns 4& and the remai

Explain round one ball is chosen randomly from either urn

there are two urns, a green urn and a red urn. the green urn contains 17 green balls and the red urn contains 15 red balls. each round one ball is chosen randomly from eithe

Good data wont guarantee good decisions

Read the Harvard Business Review article "Good Data Won't Guarantee Good Decisions." Then, complete the What's Your Decision-Making Style exercise at the end of the article.

Improving quality by reducing variations

After you read over the slide presentation posted for this weeks about some of the macro trends affecting the US healthcare system, think about how those trends may be affec

Company competitive advantage

Based on information in the public domain, state your belief of the company's competitive advantage, then discuss the operations strategy or strategies (differentiation, cos


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