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The firm is Tesla Motor 1. From your knowledge of the firm, identify a major strategic change the firm should seriously consider. Briefly describe what the goal of the initiative is for the organization. 2. Work your way through the six stages, answering as many of the questions as you can for the proposed strategic change. As you develop the project plans with specifics for each of the stages, the plan should provide flexibility, allowing for unexpected contingencies to emerge. Stage 1 People, skills, and organizational structure • When must the strategy/strategic initiative be implemented? (How flexible is that date?) • Who is going to do it? What human skills are needed? • Do affected employees understand their roles? • Will the organization need to hire or lay off people? If so, how should we go about it? • How should the firm be organized? What structure should be implemented? Why and how? Stage 2 Organizational culture • What culture in the organization is required for the implementation to be successful? • If the current culture differs from the culture needed for the success of the strategy implementation, how should the firm go about changing its culture? Stage 3 Reward system • Is a reward structure in place to accomplish the task? • If not, what type of reward structure needs to be introduced to ensure successful strategy implementation? Stage 4 Resource requirements • What resources (financial and otherwise) are needed? • Are they in place? • If not, how can the firm obtain the required resources? Stage 5 Supporting activities • How is the implementation to be supported? • What policies, procedures, and IT support are needed? • Does the firm need external help (e.g., consulting services)? If so, what kind of services would the firm need, and why? Stage 6 Strategic leadership • What types of strategic leaders are required to make the change happen? • Does the firm have them in-house? • Should the firm hire some strategic leaders from outside? • How should the firm train its managers to create a pipeline of strategic leaders?

Reference no: EM131039627

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