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You are required to select an organisation of your choice and to undertake strategy evaluation of this firm. This is an individual assignment. You are required to write a 2000 word report including 200 words of an executive summary, but excluding references and appendix. You should also perform the following tasks:

1. Identify and discuss strategy the firm (or SBU) implements by examining its strategy statement and/or its value chain activities.

2. Evaluate the suitability of the firm's current business strategy based on the outcomes of your analysis (e.g., the identification of the firm's current strategy and the most significant factors affecting the firm's performance, and your understanding of strategy). If the current strategy is not suitable, please recommend no more than two alternative strategic initiatives that the firm should pursue and justify your recommendations.

3. Draw your conclusion.


  • To provide you with an opportunity to describe and explain concepts addressed.
  • To develop cognitive and practical skills by applying theoretical concepts to practical, organisational situations.
  • To develop analytical skills by evaluating and justifying courses of strategic action for organisations
  • To develop research skills through in-depth research on this particular topic.
  • To practice and develop presentation skills through formal case study reporting.
  • Require minimum of 10 refereed journal articles, and 10 references in year 2012 to 2014 (recently).

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