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1. Mary applied to be a firefighter with the city fire department. Her application was refused because the city had a policy of only hiring males as firefighters. This type of discrimination is _______. A.Pretext B. Facially discriminatory C. discriminatory impact D. All of the above

2. The city fire department required that all applicants for firefighter be able to drag fire hose up three flights of stairs at a training/test facility, then use the hose to put out a fire and then carry a dummy weighing the same as an average human male down to the fire truck, all in less than five minutes. Which of the following is most correct? A. If no women pass the test, but 75% of the men do, this hiring test is illegal. B. If the fire department can prove that the test accurately measures whether the applicant can do a task that is an important job related necessity, then it can continue using the test even if no women have passed the test. C. Neither of the above are true statements D. Both of the above are true statements

Reference no: EM13990934

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