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Mexico’s SIGMA Alimentos made a $63 million investment in Oklahoma to make hot dogs and hams but cannot find the workforce it needs even with high unemployment. The company got millions of dollars in tax incentives to build a factory near downtown Seminole, a small town with many boarded up and abandoned buildings. The community was hungry for jobs (10% unemployment) but that hasn’t meant that people want to work at Sigma. Turnover at the plant has topped 100% for its first years. A team leader on the ham line says he has gone through 20 workers in a year and a half on shifts that require 5 employees. They complain about the hours emphasizing that they want 9 to 5 jobs in an industry that works shifts that start as early as 4 a.m. Pay is an issue too—nearly a dozen tribal casinos offer $9.50 to $16 an hour for lighter work. Other work is available with a little driving to Oklahoma City to the west. Some do not like working in refrigerated rooms and the constant smell of animal flesh. Economists say it is natural that workers might prefer service work with better working conditions. A local economic development group spokesman said he would be surprised to see people unwilling to take a $10/hour job at a meat packing plant. But he would not be surprised to see high turnover—especially if you once worked at one of the sewing plants that left the area. Job creation and securing a workforce even in an area with high unemployment can be challenging. What resources, topics, and/or ideas would help you solve or discuss the question "where is the workforce." Address the issues HR directors face. What are the "challenges"?

Reference no: EM132279770

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