Find the value of fs so that the reconstructed signal

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consider the back to back cascade of an ideal C to D and D to C converter. Both have the same sampling rate fs. Suppose that the signal being sampled is:

x(t) = cos(324*pi*t - pi/4) + cos(80*pi*t - pi/4)

Find the value of fs so that the reconstructed signal is

x(t) = sqrt(2)cos(21*pi*t)

Reference no: EM13253085

State whether the power flows into or out of the capaciotr

A constant(dc) current i(t)=3mA flows into a 50x10^(-6) capacitor. The voltage at t=0 is v(0)= -20V. The references for v(t) and i(t) have the passive configuration. 1. find

Find an expression for the stored energy in capacitor

The voltage across a 1x10^(-6)F capacitor is given by v(t)=100e^(-100t) in which time t is in seconds. 1. find an expression for the current 2. find an expression for the powe

Determine the change in length of edges ab and ad

An 8mm thick brass [E=83 GPa; v = 0.33] plate is subjected to biaxial stress with sigma x = 180 MPa and sigma y = 65 MPa. The plate dimensions are b = 350 mm and h = 175 mm.

Determine poissons ration v and the elastic modulus e

A metal plate is subjected to tensile stresses of sigma x = 21 ksi and sigma y = 17 ksi. The corresponding strains measured in the plate are Ex=920 µE and

What sizes of transformers are used for power lines

(1) check a diode out with a regular ohm meter (2) Give an example of where a half wave, full wave or bridge rectifier is used. (3) What sizes of transformers are used for p

Find the per unit generator voltage needed

A three phase generator is connected to a three phase load via a step up three phase transformer, a short three phase transmission line and a step down three phase transform

Calcuate the present value of each of the items specified

A. Two machinery options are described below. Calcuate the present value of each of the items specified. Assume an interest rate of 6% and a useful life of 8 years. Show all

What are the average and the marginal cost per unit

An assembly line can produce 90 units per hr. The line hrly cost is $4500 on stright line ( the first 8 hrs). Workers are guaranteed a minimum of 6 hrs. There is a 50% premi


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